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MBDA Hannover Messe Delegation Spotlight: Aimtek, Inc.

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Created on April 21, 2016

Ed. note: This post is part of a series highlighting the upcoming Hannover Messe Trade Show April 25—29, 2016. This series will highlight U.S. minority-owned business that will join the MBDA Hannover Messe delegation.

Headquartered in Auburn, Massachusetts, Aimtek, Inc. provides metal joining products and services to the aerospace, power generation, defense, and manufacturing industries. In 2013, the company celebrated its 40th anniversary. Amar Kapur, the President and CEO, founded the independently owned company in 1973.

Recently, Aimtek has experienced increased revenue in exporting, resulting in added jobs. By participating in Hannover Messe, the company hopes to further Aimtek’s exporting reach, as well as expand its overall global footprint.

Like many business owners, Kapur also plans to leverage the vast networking opportunities Hannover Messe provides, as well as identifying new opportunities to expand its licensing of manufactured products within the U.S. Kapur is seeking to form new joint ventures and alliances with other countries in attendance as well.

To prepare for Hannover Messe, Aimtek, Inc. has participated in several MBDA-sponsored tradeshows, seminars, and networking events, as well as in one-on-one meetings with several directors of local MBDA business centers.