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MBDA Participates at Reservation Economic Summit

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Created on August 4, 2016

The Minority Business Development Agency's (MBDA) National Director Alejandra Y. Castillo traveled to the Reservation Economic Summit (RES) in Tulsa, OK, to give a keynote address on increasing Native American entrepreneurship and expanding their business pursuits beyond gaming to include innovative technology.

RES attendees were able to ask questions about federal contracting, obtaining business certifications, as well as ways for Native American business owners to work with local, state, and Federal Government agencies to increase economic development in their communities.

During the business expo Director Castillo talked to Native American business owners and offered feedback on their business operations and growth strategies. One of the business owners was Stephanie Conduff, owner/creator of the Leche Lounge, a solution for the legally required accommodations for mothers returning to the workplace to pump or nurse for newborns.

In June 2016, TIME Magazine reported that breastfeeding accommodation lawsuits were up more than 800% over the last decade. Leche Lounge provides employers a solution that can be installed in less than two hours, is customizable and can be rented or purchased based on company needs. Leche Lounge’s clients include Oklahoma State University and the Chickasaw Nation. Director Castillo provided insight on how to expand Conduff’s business to airports, hotels/convention centers and federal buildings.

The RES Summit, led by the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED) and President Gary Davis, continues to be a premier venue to connect with Native American tribes and businesses and promote Indian Country.  MBDA and NCAIED share the commitment to increase visibility and opportunities for Indian Country to positively impact their communities for future generations. 

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