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Understanding the Landscape: Access to Capital for Women Entrepreneurs 
March 2018

In conjunction with Women’s History Month, the National Women’s Business Council has released a report under their Access to Capital pillar titled Understanding the Landscape: Access to Capital for Women Entrepreneurs. The first of four reports released from the Council’s inter-agency agreement with the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress synthesizes peer-reviewed literature published between 2010 and 2017 to develop a holistic understanding of the literature conducted on women’s entrepreneurship and capital. It also identifies future areas of investigation and gaps in literature for interested researchers.

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2018 State of Entrepreneurship
February  2018

Despite the recent rise of the traditional economic indicators, too many people are left out of these gains. The long-term decline in entrepreneurship has dragged down productivity, wages and living standards for all Americans. Put simply, fewer entrepreneurs mean a lower quality of life for Americans.

Contracting Barriers and Factors Affecting Minority Business Enterprises A Review of Existing Disparity Studies
December 2016

The report, which spotlights disparities in state and local government contracting between minority-owned and nonminority-owned business enterprises, provides an in-depth review and analysis of disparity studies, summaries, and reports.



Published on: 27/09/2018