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Facts You Should Know About

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Post a comment is a tool created to assist U.S. business in accessing international markets by providing the resources necessary for export

Purpose: Client Resource, Business Assistance

What you should know?

  • Offers a wide range of current industry and trade information to help exporters of U.S goods and services find the information they need to compete successfully in overseas markets

  • Lists opportunities identifying promising trade leads for U.S. exporters

  • Provides ample information on U.S. Free Trade Agreements and lists the partner countries

How Export services can assist MBDA clients?

  • Provide reliable information and personalized counseling at every step of the exporting process

  • Provide cost-effective resources to help develop or improve international business plan

  • Access to a vast network of experts, contacts and partners in 80 countries across the globe to get world-class market intelligence for U.S. companies

  • Access to financing and insurance resources in order to stimulate exporting

How to Access the Services?

  • All these services can be found on the Export website

Some Benefits:

  • Logistical support in relation to packaging, labeling, and necessary documentation

  • Lists the tariffs and fees by country and product

  • Regulations and Standards

  • Licenses and regulations

  • International logistics

Strategic Partnerships and New Markets

Strategic Partnerships and New Markets

Global Opportunities and New Markets

Global Opportunities and New Markets