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Let’s keep it going . . . and growing! Enterprising Women of Color Virtual Series

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The Formula for a Winning Comeback
Reflections from Weeks 1 and 2


MBDA recently launched the Enterprising Women of Color Forum: The Virtual Series - a 4-week webinar series designed to promote resources and opportunities for women of color entrepreneurs. The virtual series is off to a great start with a community of women entrepreneurs tuned in each week to share ideas, new perspectives, and their formulas for being growth-ready despite difficult times. 


Who’s in the Room . . .

Thanks to our event co-partners, the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) and The Coca-Cola Company, expert speakers, and a wealth of resources, the events have been more than a success but a magnetic lifeline for the more than 1,600 attendees.

The unique diversity of the audience has ranged from infant stage entrepreneurs to multi-million-dollar firms. All have been met with a collective of powerhouse presenters ranging from experts in the financial industry to a founder and pivotal change agent in the beauty industry.


Building the Formula . . .

Get Money Web

The inaugural event to the virtual series, Get Money: The Comeback Edition focused on one of the key hurdles WMBEs face today. The session featured four financial and capital industry executives providing real-time resources on how to get the capital needed to move to the next phase of growth. The discussion included engaging dialogue, witty insights, and a host of tips to ensure attendees were focused on solutions to conquer their challenges!


Fireside Chat Web

The second installment, a Fireside Chat with the Founder of Carol’s Daughter Lisa Price, provided a looking glass for all the entrepreneurs working in their passion.   The discussion was bubbling with affirmations and wisdom that helped sustain Lisa Price’s more than 25-year growth and domination of the beauty industry. Lisa shared how she was able to manage the challenges of being a boss, wife, mother, and daughter all while keeping her “hobby”, turned multimillion-dollar company, a household name. Her story was a “getting it done” inspiration!


The WOW moment . . .

MBDA and NMSDC partnered to bring enterprising women together to provide greater access to information but what was witnessed exceeded expectations.  We saw first-hand what happens when visionaries and leaders get together . . . they create their own pathways to success!  Following the first installation of the virtual series, attendees created a “fan-generated” social media group on Facebook to continue the conversation, network, and share best practices.  This is the manifestation of the vision for MBDA’s Enterprising Women of Color Initiative.  We are honored to be a bridge to connect women entrepreneurs to a community of wealth-building resources.


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Now is the time to INVEST IN YOU.  Let’s dream bigger.  Let’s achieve more. Together.