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WHIAAPI - Leadership



The Secretaries of Commerce and Transportation serve as the Co-Chairs of the Initiative and direct its work pursuant to the guidance and direction of the President.

Presidential Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs)

The Commission provides advice to the President, through the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of Transportation, who serve as Co-Chairs of the Initiative.  Together with the Initiative, the Commission works to broaden access by AAPI employers and communities to economic resources and opportunities.  Additionally, the Commission works to advance relevant evidence-based research, data collection, and analysis for AAPI populations, subpopulations, and businesses.

Interagency Working Group

The heads of each of the executive branch departments, agencies, and offices shall designate the senior Federal officials who will serve as their respective representatives on the Initiative. These designees are known collectively as the Interagency Working Group.

Regional Network

The Regional Network comprises over 300 members in the 10 federal regions, representing more than 30 federal agencies. The RN seeks to build relationships between the federal government and the AAPI community by coordinating outreach and engagement efforts across regional offices.


The office of the Initiative works with the President’s Advisory Commission on AAPIs, Regional Network and Interagency Working Group.  The Initiative advises the Co-Chairs on the implementation and coordination of Federal programs as they relate to AAPI access to economic resources and opportunities.

            Executive Director, Tina Wei Smith



Published on: 04/08/2020